I can't use notmuch anymore, I get this error:

A Xapian exception occurred opening database: The revision being read
has been discarded - you should call Xapian::Database::reopen() and
retry the operation

Context. In order to investigate a bug about mbsync I moved away the
folder ~/mail/.notmuch. I have a timer that calls notmuch new after
mbsync, so I paused that timer.

Initially I used notmuch, only to see everything empty. Then I
recalled what I did, removed all the files, and moved back the .nomuch

IIRC I was able to use notmuch without problems once, and then I got the issue.

All I can find about the issue is that somebody reported the exact
same message to the mailing list (id:87txmb4xyz....@mcs.anl.gov), but
did not receive any feedback.


Felipe Contreras
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