David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:

> notmuch-show-mode relies on various mm-* functions to display message
> parts. This is problematic for "message/rfc822" parts, since
> mm-inline-message ends up calling (gnus-article-prepare-display) which
> resets the buffer major-mode to gnus-article-mode since
> notmuch-show-mode is not a derived mode of gnus-article-mode. This
> breaks a few things from a notmuch internals / user point of view.  I
> can forcibly reset the major-mode, but that has it's own problems. I
> would welcome suggestions for workarounds, or clarification of the
> extent to which the functions in mm-view.el are expected to be usable
> outside gnus.

Yeah, it's confusing.  `mm-inline-message' is really an "internal" Gnus
function, while most of the other mm functions are more general.

Disentangling that mess is daunting, but for that function in
particular, I guess it wouldn't be that difficult to rewrite it to avoid
doing anything Gnus-ish unless we're in Gnus...  On the other hand, it's
a function to display a complete message, which leaves you with a buffer
that's pretty pointless unless you have a mail reader to interact with
it afterwards.

So perhaps it should just be renamed and moved to Gnus?

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