On Mon, 12 Jul 2021 20:19:37 -0300, David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> wrote:
> The main thing I was worried about was the vim interface and Felipe
> confirmed that it does not use text format at all. There are no doubt
> user scripts out there that will have to be adjusted, so it would have
> to be a long-ish deprecation, but we've done that before.


> I guess the question for you is if the format will still be useful for
> you if we need to include _some_ metadata in order to replace use cases
> for text format? I'm thinking of potentially a couple of X-Notmuch-*
> headers. But that in itself is another design discussion.

I'm fine with that. There also *could* be a way to configure which
headers are displayed; Tomi suggested that the colors should be
configurable, and I think configuring pairs of header+color would be one
option of implementing that. But I need to dogfood some more before I
can confidently say what I like best.

> I think having some quick mail pager for search results makes sense. I'm
> not sure how far in the direction of MH we should go, but we can look at
> each potential change as it arrives.

I'd never heard of MH before. I'll need to try it out :) (For those not
familiar, it can be found at https://www.nongnu.org/nmh/ .) It sounds
philosophically like what I want from a CLI mail client. But then again
I really don't need much. I'm writing this message with this shell
function (and Neovim) and I think it's good enough. :)

    nr() {
        draft=$(mktemp $HOME/draft-XXXX)
        $notmuch reply $1 > "$draft" || return
        nvim -c 'set filetype=mail' "$draft" || return
        cat "$draft"
        echo "Press ENTER to send (Ctrl-C to cancel)"
        read || return
        cat "$draft" | msmtp -t || return
        rm "$draft"

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