David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:

> Jonas Bernoulli <jo...@bernoul.li> writes:
>> Please merge the proposed fix; IMO it is sound.  My follow-up, the reply
>> to Tomi, seems quite confused though.  But just because we are uncertain
>> whether there is further room for improvement, that shouldn't keep us
>> from fixing the bug.  Maybe in the future we can improve upon this fix
>> but I probably won't investigate any time soon.
>>      Jonas
> Apologies, I should have experimented / asked before. I can't seem to
> duplicate the problem being fixed here. Is it non-deterministic, or
> should I expect it to always happen? If the latter, can you give me a
> further hint / instructions how to reproduce? For me, whether in
> tree-mode or search-mode, if I hit return the message at point is marked
> unread.
> d

I can always reproduce it:

1. Perform a search.

2. Visit the tree for a thread that you have previously not
   seen using notmuch-tree-from-search-thread. The default
   binding for that command is M-RET.  You mentioned that you
   pressed RET so maybe that's why you couldn't reproduce
   (i.e. you invoked notmuch-search-show-thread, which
   doesn't have this issue).

3. Press n (notmuch-tree-next-message) a few times until
   you reach the last message in the tree.  Do NOT press
   p (notmuch-tree-prev-message) to move back to the first

4. All messages should now be shown as "going to be marked
   as read".  In my case that is visualized by the word
   "unread" being striked out.  This DOES include the first
   message, but in this case it's not true.

5. Press q (notmuch-tree-quit) twice to return to the
   search view.

6. Press g (notmuch-refresh-this-buffer).  You would expect
   that to cause the thread at point to be marked read, but
   it is not.

7. Visit the tree for the same thread again using
   notmuch-tree-from-search-thread.  The second and subsequent
   messages are in the read state, the word "unread" is completely
   absent.  The first message however is shown as being in the
   "going to be marked as read", i.e. the word "unread" is shown
   and struck out.

The work around for this is to press RET (notmuch-tree-show-message)
at this point.  The word "unread" is still struck out, but if you
exit now (using q twice), then this change is actually applied.

Note that notmuch-search-show-thread does NOT behave as described
for notmuch-tree-from-search-thread above.  Applying my patch causes
the former to behave like the latter.

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