"inwit" <in...@sindominio.net> writes:

> I usually receive mails in html (sigh), and sometimes I need to forward them. 
> However, when doing so with notmuch-emacs, the recipient of the forwarded 
> message sees the html code instead of a readable message. I know I can 
> forward the message as an attachment, but is there a way to forward it inline 
> in a readable manner? Maybe stripping the html before sending, I guess, but I 
> don't know how to do it. I've searched and I can't find anything in the 
> list's archives. Has someone experienced this issue and maybe found a 
> solution?

One option would be to use bounce (bound to b) instead of forward, if that 
works for
you. It will not change the 'From:' header , so that might confuse some 

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