Joseph Mingrone <> writes:

> Hello,
> When building the FreeBSD OS package for notmuch-emacs, we have begun to
> see build errors recently that report
>         (error "Unknown button type `help-function'").
> This seems to be related to a recent change in the Emacs master branch
> (Emacs 29).  We build new emacs-devel packages around the 1st and 15th
> day of each month that pull the latest from the Emacs master branch.
> This notmuch-emacs breakage started after the Dec. 1 package update for
> emacs-devel.
> Regards,

I did manage to duplicate this problem on debian, so I guess it's not
FreeBSD specific. Not sure how to fix it yet, it looks like there are
many changes to docstring processing in emacs 29, that may be related.

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