David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:

> Several people have observed that the display of patches in
> notmuch-emacs is less than ideal because context lines do not line up
> properly with changed lines. The underlying cause is that
> indent-rigidly adds space in different places for those lines. In this
> commit, indent-rigidly is replaced with a more simple-minded function
> that always adds spaces to the beginning of the line.
> ---
> This is not really well tested, and somewhat copy-pasta-ed together
> code. Looking at this mail, I see the indentation of the call sites is
> not great either.

There is at least one bug still. If you open a thread with a matched
message that is not the first message, the cursor is positioned after
the matched message, sometimes causing the wanted message to scroll off
the top of the screen.
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