Carl and I plan to move to a new VPS on Sunday
afternoon (pacific) / evening (atlantic). Unfortunately it's impossible
to test some things before we do the DNS change, so there may be some
disruption of service. This host is responsible for various services
related to the mailing list, and is the default server for the nmbug tag

I hope that this move will address the problems that we have been having
with the IPv6 of nmbug being listed on spamhaus, and people's mail
and/or subscription being disrupted.  At the very least I'll be in a
better position to address those problems [1].

Shout out to the new hosters Hetzner who have been a pleasure to deal
with so far.

If you find things that are not working on nmbug after Sunday, feel free
to mail me personally, or ping me on #notmuch ( Mailing
the mailing list is fine too, but that might be one of the disrupted


[1]: for the networking nerds, OVH only allocates VPSs an ipv6 /128, while
spamhaus blacklists /64s. Hetzner allocates /64s.

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