* 2021-12-21 05:55:19+0100, Gregor Zattler wrote:

> Dear notmuch developers, it would be easier to read big and old
> threads, as e.g., the current one on emacs-devel on integrating sqlite
> (starts with: id:87tufmjyai....@gnus.org) in notmuch-tree-mode if
> there was a notmuch-tree-scroll-or-next-unread command (and respective
> key binding).

While I don't oppose a new feature I'll show how I like to read unread
messages. In *notmuch-hello* buffer I have a separate section for unread
searches. Basically it is like normal list of saved searches but with
search term "tag:unread" added. Here is the code:

    (defun my-notmuch-hello-unread ()
       "Unread messages"
       (mapcar (lambda (search)
                 (plist-put (copy-sequence search)
                            :sort-order 'oldest-first))
       :filter "tag:unread AND NOT tag:spam"
       :hide-if-empty t))

    (setq notmuch-hello-sections '(my-notmuch-hello-unread

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