David Bremner <da...@tethera.net> writes:

> This particular bug is apparently caused by the malformed (according
> to RFC5822 section 3.6.4) In-reply-to field of
> id:5422.1299798...@alphaville.usa.hp.com.

I'm having second thoughts about this test. I'm not sure notmuch can do
better than treat all of the things that look like message-ids in
In-reply-to as references.

RFC 5322 (which I called 5822 above) talks about obsolete syntax, and in
particular 4.5.4 discusses obsolete In-Reply-To and References
syntax. I _think_ (but am not 100% sure), that even under that generous
syntax, just grabbing the things that look like message-ids is the best
thing to do.


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