[ drive-by comment based on a past mistake :/ ]

Sean Whitton writes:

> -def _index_tags():
> -    "Write notmuch tags to the nmbug.index."
> -    path = _os.path.join(NMBGIT, 'nmbug.index')
> +    (_, index) = _tempfile.mkstemp()
>      _git(
>          args=['read-tree', '--empty'],
> -        additional_env={'GIT_INDEX_FILE': path}, wait=True)
> +        additional_env={'GIT_INDEX_FILE': index}, wait=True)

It's better to put the temporary index in $GIT_DIR due to this bit noted
in git-read-tree(1):

      The file must allow to be rename(2)ed into from a temporary file
      that is created next to the usual index file; typically this means
      it needs to be on the same filesystem as the index file itself, and
      you need write permission to the directories the index file and
      index output file are located in.

So, assuming NMBGIT matches $GIT_DIR, perhaps change the above mkstemp
call to something like

  _tempfile.mkstemp(dir=NMBGIT, prefix="nmbug", suffix=".index")
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