Alexander Adolf <> writes:

> I have had a look to both files, and I _think_ T450-emacs-show would
> seem more appropriate. It seems that T355-smime is more aimed at the
> pure mechanics of en-/decryption, and the handling of that in
> libnotmuch. Neither of these have been a problem for me.
> Further looking at T450-emacs-show, I find that it uses a somewhat
> extensive framework to implement its test cases. Any chances of giving
> me a fast start with this, or will it be down to "use the source, Luke"?

I think something like the following test (but with an smime encrypted
message instead of the existing PGP/MIME encrypted message.

    test_begin_subtest "process cryptographic MIME parts"
    ;; additional variables can be dynamically bound as needed, but this one
    ;; in particular is needed for decryption
    test_emacs '(let ((notmuch-crypto-process-mime t))
    ;; simulate the user action
    ;; this is the test framework, write the terminal display to a file
    ;; called OUTPUT        
    test_expect_equal_file $EXPECTED/notmuch-show-process-crypto-mime-parts-on 

you would also need to create a file with a "screen display" in
$EXPECTED, and add that as part of your patch.

I hope that helps,

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