Thanks, Bremner!

This series looks reasonable to me.  nice clever hack to reuse the
gmime embedded .c source for the test.

a bit of a tweak below:

On Sat 2022-04-09 09:34:53 -0300, David Bremner wrote:
> +     printf "Checking for GMime new email format... "
> +     if ${CC} -DCHECK_EMAIL ${CFLAGS} ${gmime_cflags} _check_gmime_cert.c 
> ${gmime_ldflags} -o _check_email &&
> +             GNUPGHOME=${TEMP_GPG} ./_check_email; then
> +         gmime_new_email_format=1
> +         printf "Yes.\n"
> +     else
> +         gmime_new_email_format=0
> +         printf "No (some tests will be skipped).\n"
> +     fi
>      else
>       printf 'No.\nFailed to set up gpgsm for testing X.509 certificate 
> validity support.\n'
>       errors=$((errors + 1))

Words like "new" have a tendency to get, well, old.

I'd say

   "Checking GMime emits email addresses from certs without angle brackets..."

And i'd name the variable gmime_cert_addresses_have_angle_brackets (so
"1" effectively means "probably a stale, deprecated version of GMime").

Then change the rest of the tests to match.

This is kind of an aesthetic choice -- i'd be fine with the original
patch too.  but it seems safer to just identify the out-of-date stuff
when it happens, rather than identifying the current stuff.


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