I used Emacs and Notmuch to deal with many public lists.  Thanks!  It
helps a lot.

These days, I am switching from the “subscription“ way to a “fetch” way
via public-inbox thanks to Kyle’s instance <https://yhetil.org> – I
mainly follow Guix.

Currently, I synchronize my various Notmuch database using ’muchsync’
[1] which works well enough for my needs.  Although I am not completely

Well, I have read this thread, starting at [2]:

        WIP: promote nmbug to user sync tool

somehow promoting the subcommand “notmuch git”.

All in all, my questions are:

 1. Is it possible to index the Git repo as public-inbox?  From this
 thread id:608c9185115fd_251d208e0@natae.notmuch [3], I guess no, right?

 Is it planned?  Or any interest?

 2. Notmuch is strongly linked to the Maildir format as storage but Git
 seems an efficient way to exchange and sync across several machines; for
 instance using the tool grokmirror [4].  Does it make sense to have
 another backend for Notmuch than Maildir?

 3. Debian or GNU use instances of Debbugs.  Tools as ’mailscripts’ [5]
 using ’bts’ CLI [6] are great.  Personally, I prefer the Emacs packages
 ’piem’ [7] and ’debbugs’ [8].  Well, the point is to be able to inject
 the bug report to my local inboxes – for reading offline or for
 tagging.  How could I bridge the Debbugs meta info with a local ’nmbug’?

Thanks in advance for any pointers or comments. :-)

1: <https://www.muchsync.org/>
2: <https://yhetil.org/notmuch/20220423133848.3852688-1-da...@tethera.net>
3: <https://yhetil.org/notmuch/608c9185115fd_251d208e0@natae.notmuch/#r>
4: <https://github.com/mricon/grokmirror>
5: <https://git.spwhitton.name/mailscripts/>
6: <https://salsa.debian.org/debian/devscripts/-/blob/master/scripts/bts.pl>
7: <https://git.kyleam.com/piem/about/>
8: <https://elpa.gnu.org/packages/debbugs.html>

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