Kevin Boulain <> writes:

> It wasn't covered, though it shares most of its implementation with
> notmuch_message_remove_all_properties.

I have applied this series to master, with one commit added in the

commit 336334996750240608d5f29ed5dd8e40a69c4d79
Author: David Bremner <>
Date:   Thu Mar 30 07:56:17 2023 -0300

    test: reveal notmuch_message_remove_all_properties as broken
    Close and re-open the database to show that the removal is not
    committed to the database.

I also had to manually deal with a merge conflict for the last patch, so
you might want to double check that.

In my next life, I will make more liberal use of backup_database /
restore_database, to make the tests in this file less order dependent.

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