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> Performance-wise the initial clone seems pretty slow. For my 600k
> messages I have been waiting a while now.  htop tells me that
> git-fast-import has about 45 minutes of CPU time at this point.  This
> machine is not that fast, but for comparison an initial (i.e. fresh
> repo, no caching) "notmuch git commit" takes about 15-20s.

I found the problem. If all the files are in the same directory, `git
fast-import` spends a lot of time comparing all the paths.

By distributing the files in multiple directories like notmuch-git
does using BLAKE2b, the operation is much faster.

I've pushed the changes, now there's a dependency, but you can just
`gem install blake2b`.

I'm able to clone the database of the performance corpus in 5 seconds:

% git clone --bare nm::$PWD/mail mail.git


Felipe Contreras
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