Paul Wise <> writes:

> So I think that it would be good if there were a library for notmuch
> query construction that would take care of all the different quoting
> levels, Message-Id munging etc. This could then get language bindings
> so that notmuch based tools and MUAs could use them for interactive
> graphical query construction. Also maybe Xapian needs or has a way to
> construct queries without serialising them to a text string and the
> notmuch query construction library I propose could base itself on that.

You might be interested in the s-expression query parser. Part of the
goal is to be less dwim/quirky than the native Xapian query parser, and
to make it easier / safer to construct notmuch queries via programs.

It doesn't do the message-id munging you mention (yet?), but quoting is
IMHO saner.

It does require an extra dependency (sfsexpr).
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