Thanks David for the script and the instruction. I am still not sure where 
notmuch is getting the association between my 5 messages in the thread.

The attached pdf is the output of the script. As you can see the draft 
"" which contains the header

| From: Al Haji-Ali <>
| To:,, Eli Zaretskii 
| Subject: bug#53632: Function definition history
| In-Reply-To: <>
| Message-ID: <>
| Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2023 12:34:54 +0100
| X-Notmuch-Emacs-Draft: True
| MIME-Version: 1.0
| Content-Type: text/plain

is completely unconnected the other 4 messages in the thread. Note that if I 
change the "In-Reply-To" field in this message to anything else, notmuch no 
longer groups these 5 messages into a single thread.

I tried searching for "" using 
`xapian-delve` but got

| term '' not in database

Finally, I tried grepping for the same ID in my notmuch folder (with all mails 
and database) and got two hits (actually three including this message which I 
am currently writing):

| ./Drafts/cur/1682165661.M337064P23717.m2air.local,U=151:2,DS:In-Reply-To: 
| Binary file ./.notmuch/xapian/ matches

The first one is the draft. The second hit is the reason I thought the only 
place left for notmuch to associate these messages is in the xapian database. 
Note that if I delete the draft and reindex, only the hit 
stubbornly remains and there seems to be no way to make notmuch forget about 
this ID. 

I am running notmuch 0.37 and xapian 1.4.21 if that's relevant.

-- Al

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