Hi all,

I'm using emacs version 29.1.
The problem appears when I open a message thread in notmuch-show, namely
in the style headerline of each message. The style headerline is
formatted so that it includes several info, including
`duplicate/filecount` (least these are the used variable names in the
source code).
Using my config, it looks like this 
`Karim Taha <kariem.taha...@gmail.com> (Sun. 18:57) (new qemu-devel 
reviews-qemu sent)                                                              
The `1/2` part is always on a new visual line.
I reached out to #notmuch channel, and following bremner suggestion of
`emacs -Q -e "(require 'notmuch)"` and trying my config minor modes,one
after another, it turned out to be display-line-numbers-mode.

Bremner already suggested me a fix, I'm sending here for completeness.

Kariiem Taha
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