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(In reply to Pierre Moreau from comment #2)
> I would start by blacklisting the NVIDIA driver, to prevent it from loading
> while Nouveau is being used as it may results in conflicts. (Just write a
> file named `whichever_name_you_want.conf` in `/etc/modprobe.d/`, and
> containing `blacklist nvidia`.)

The system was already like this, but it still crashes.

> Regarding the second attachment, could you rather please attach Xorg0.log as
> found in `~/.local/share/xorg/`, or `~/.local/xorg/` or `/var/log/`? (From a
> run that froze, and please attach the corresponding dmesg, so that both the
> dmesg and the Xorg.log are from the same run.)

I am seldom at this computer at the moment, but if it crashes again I will do
that. Still the attachements before should provide the same information. Should
they not?

> (In reply to ruben from comment #0)
> > The desktop freezes consistently after a few minutes using the nouveau
> > driver.
> Have you noticed anything that may cause the freeze, like starting a
> browser, running some OpenGL application, or even some fancy compositor
> animation?

No, nothing special. May even happend when I am practically leaving the
computer untouched. In case it helps, I am using GNOME 3.

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