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My apologies - I'm trying to reply to a thread and the web interface doesn't play well with Mutt. I tried to hack it. Hopefully I didn't goof it up too much!

I am also getting a "No Signal" on the HDMI port when the resolution changes on boot. This is on an ION-based desktop. VGA is fine when the monitor is plugged in on boot, but is disabled if I plug it in afterwards. When the issue is observed, the X server appears to start up without issue. I can SSH in from another machine, set my DISPLAY accordingly, and then query and change resolution as if the monitor is behaving normally. However, monitor indicates no signal. Additionally, this affects both the kernel and the text console.

This is on a Fedora install. Issue was observed with kernels 4.8.4, 4.8.13, and 4.8.15. I verified that kernels 4.5.5 and 4.7.9 work.

Additionally, this issue was observed with:
- Nouveau, version 1.0.12, I believe
- Version 340.98 of the nVidia binary driver found in the RPMFusion repo (xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-340xx) - Version 340.101 of the official nVidia binary driver, downloaded on 12/27/2016.

Re: information from nVidia - given that this affects both Nouveau and the official binary, I suspect that there is some confusion on the nVidia end. Perhaps a case of "mostly correct" documentation?

It looks like this bug is also related?

Have there been any updates on this since Peirre's Nov. 9th update?



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