Op 09-01-17 om 00:24 schreef Ben Skeggs:
On 12/24/2016 07:48 PM, Roy Spliet wrote:
I've observed this regression on my NVAC board; a 1920x1080 TV on HDMI
(single monitor set-up) gets no signal with Fedora kernels from 4.8.
Trace sent to the mmio dumps mailbox. A brief scan already revealed that
register 0xe840 is never touched, so it appears that NVIDIA does
something different.
VBIOS for this board is in the usual place. Commenting out 0xac from the
workaround seems to solve the problem, as tested on a Fedora 4.9 kernel.
I hope that helps you get a little further with this issue. Cheers, and
happy holidays!
Thanks Roy,

NVIDIA told me that it applied to these boards, but, I can't see NVIDIA
attempting the workaround in your trace, so until there's evidence to
the contrary, I've disabled it for MCP7x for now.

Thanks. Since your patch is the exact modification I made to verify the workaround was bugging me, consider it:

Tested-by: Roy Spliet <nouv...@spliet.org>

Given "no display on HDMI since 4.8" is quite a serious regression (albeit for a small userbase), please consider submitting this to 4.10 as well as a "back-port" to the upstream 4.8 and 4.9 trees.
Thanks again! Cheers,



Op 22-11-16 om 15:04 schreef poma:
On 20.10.2016 00:46, Ben Skeggs wrote:
I'd like to see a mmiotrace of the NVIDIA binary driver on a system
where this WAR breaks things.  I applied it to all the GPUs that NVIDIA
told me required it.


Still broken, more than four months,
tested with mainline 4.9-rc6.

According to Ben Skeggs,
since this is "told" by NVIDIA i.e. by you, or perhaps some other of your 
what's more that I don't see progress in this regard,
would you guys from NVIDIA R&D mind help him to finally solve this?


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