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(In reply to Ilia Mirkin from comment #2)
> Not that it's of much consolation, but the nv30 GL driver sucks. There are a
> number of unhandled situations, and I wouldn't be overly surprised if glamor
> were to hit one or several of them.

Could be a regression, I don't remember seeing those /before/ and the
downstream bugs about black icons are recent as well.

And there've been some glamor changes in the xserver as well, so it oculd be
/something/ in glamor has changed and doesn't play well with the driver.

> A "big hammer" approach to fixing some of the issues is running with
> NV30_SWTNL=1, although there's plenty more issues that this won't have an
> effect on. That usually fixes "bad geometry" issues, however the screenshot
> seems to suggest that perhaps incompatible color and depth buffers are being
> mixed

Yes, that makes me think of that as well, could explain the black icons being
reported downstream.

> - we print a warning about those in debug builds.

Good, so I'll rebuild with "--enable-debug" and see what I get.

> I'll have a look at the apitrace later to see if can try reproducing on my
> NV34, although it's possible that won't work this time.

Thanks a bunch!

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