On 09.01.2017 19:20, Roy Spliet wrote:
> Op 09-01-17 om 00:24 schreef Ben Skeggs:
>> On 12/24/2016 07:48 PM, Roy Spliet wrote:
>>> I've observed this regression on my NVAC board; a 1920x1080 TV on HDMI
>>> (single monitor set-up) gets no signal with Fedora kernels from 4.8.
>>> Trace sent to the mmio dumps mailbox. A brief scan already revealed that
>>> register 0xe840 is never touched, so it appears that NVIDIA does
>>> something different.
>>> VBIOS for this board is in the usual place. Commenting out 0xac from the
>>> workaround seems to solve the problem, as tested on a Fedora 4.9 kernel.
>>> I hope that helps you get a little further with this issue. Cheers, and
>>> happy holidays!
>> Thanks Roy,
>> NVIDIA told me that it applied to these boards, but, I can't see NVIDIA
>> attempting the workaround in your trace, so until there's evidence to
>> the contrary, I've disabled it for MCP7x for now.
>> Ben.
> Thanks. Since your patch is the exact modification I made to verify the 
> workaround was bugging me, consider it:
> Tested-by: Roy Spliet <nouv...@spliet.org>
> Given "no display on HDMI since 4.8" is quite a serious regression 
> (albeit for a small userbase), please consider submitting this to 4.10 
> as well as a "back-port" to the upstream 4.8 and 4.9 trees.
> Thanks again! Cheers,
> Roy

Thanks Roy

Hello Dave, Greg

If it is not already, please push for:
- stable 4.9.6
- mainline 4.10-rc5

Reported-by: poma <p...@gmail.com>
Tested-by: poma <p...@gmail.com>


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