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Dear all,

thanks for the points.

(In reply to Ilia Mirkin from comment #5)
> (In reply to Emil Velikov from comment #4)
> > Considering that nouveau.modeset=0 helps, I'm flipping this to component
> > nouveau. Feel free to revert.
> Hard to imagine why -- intel is primary, and nvidia chip has no outputs.
> Must be something silly in how the distro has things set up.

The point here is that Nvidia has no drivers in use. With nouveau, system
breaks (impossible to boot), with proprietary system get slow and freeze often
(I am aware that you do not deal with proprietary drivers).

If I boot with "quite splash", the system breaks before boot.
If I boot without any "modeset", the system only get to the terminal.

The only way to get "normal" use is booting with any "nomodeset" (without
proprietary driver for videocard).

I was wondering to understand why the distros (all of them) do not work out of
the box in this machine. As they work great in general in any machine.

I would be glad if one day Linux working smooth out of the box on this

Thanks for all.

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