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(In reply to Lukas Wunner from comment #51)
> On my GK107 I do not see any change in power consumption regardless whether
> bit 25 at config space offset 0x488 is set or cleared, which is somewhat
> disappointing. I also do not see a change in power consumption between PCI
> power state D0 and D3hot.

Was this your macbook or a regular laptop? The Kepler family still used an ACPI
_DSM method to remove power, setting the PM bit in the PCI config space did not
do anything (this was at least true for my older Fermi card).

Possibly relevant for this bug: I tested Lukas devlink_v2 patches but found
some issues when the HDMI/DP cable was disconnected on a GTX 965M (where by
default the audio function would not be visible):

Do you also experience issues after these steps:
1. remove+rescan to make audio function appear
2. remove GPU power (runtime PM or system sleep)
3. remove HDMI/DP cable
4. restore power
5. check dmesg or try to access audio function (e.g. read PCI regs)

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