Hi Zoltan, thank you for answering,

you give me good news, but I want to explain you what happens:

I've created a new component 'countvoncount' with the following commands

cd nox/src/nox/netapps/
*nox-new-c-app.py countvoncount*

at this point i launch the following (in the my nox root directory)


however even if such commands end without errors, when launching the
component I get that
no component description was found.

Do you have any suggestions?

Maybe the configure.sh should be launched into the build directory?
I tried it too, but get an error telling me that NOX is already configured

can you help me?

2011/8/4 Zoltán Lajos Kis <zoltan.lajos....@ericsson.com>

> Hi,
> you only need to "remake NOX" when you add a new component. Otherwise, if
> you modified the code of an already existing component, running make is
> enough.
> Regards,
> Zoltan.
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> Subject: [nox-dev] Adding a new C component
> Hi guys,
> I'm trying to install a new C++ component, and have the following question:
> >  The routine described in
> http://noxrepo.org/noxwiki/index.php/NOX_C/C%2B%2B_Tutorial_%28Counting_Pings%29
>    is only for adding a new component (as I hope), or i have to remake NOX
> each time i write some code?
> THanks a lot, best regards
> --
> Andrea Simeoni

Andrea Simeoni
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