Hi all:
      I have a question to consult you. The NOX GUI can display a whole network 
topology when run the command: ./nox_core -v -v -i ptcp:6633 monitoring 
discovery topology trackhost_pktin. But it cann't update timely when a host 
leave from network, in other words, the host is still in the network topology 
which you can see in NOX GUI. I think it may be lack of some component when run 
the command, am i right? Which one to be used and how to get it? would you like 
to tell me, thank you very much~
Best Wishes

December 2,2011

At 2011-11-29 03:01:56,"Murphy McCauley" <jam...@nau.edu> wrote:
I think the attachment is being scrubbed. Maybe you can send an image?

Though offhand, I don't know what I can tell you.  What do mean by unreachable? 
 Devices connected to the netfpga switch can't ping devices connected to the 
openwrt switch?  What NOX components are you running?

-- Murphy

On Nov 25, 2011, at 12:09 AM, 王健 wrote:

Hi Murphy:
     Thank you for your last reply , your suggest is right. Recently i built a 
openflow network,you can see the topology in the attachment. The connection 
between openflow switch(netfpga) and openwrt(openflow wireless) is unreachable, 
i mark it in blue. What's wrong with it, would you like to give me some advice 
for solving this problem,thank you very much! if there is something else you 
want to know, please tell me.
Best Wishes
                         &n bsp;                Wang Jian
                             Friday, November 25, 2011   

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