Some of this is at least lightly documented on the wiki:

(Please feel free to extend it!)

There's a bit more info about the meta files in the FAQ:

Really quickly and informally, the meta files (formerly meta.xml, now 
meta.json) are what really specify a NOX component.  Specifically, they:
1. Define a component name ("name" key).  These are the names that, for 
example, can be specified on the nox_core commandline.
2. Specify which code corresponds to a component ("library" and "python" keys). 
 A component may be a shared library or a Python module or both.  NOX will load 
the specified library/module, and execute a factory in order to get an actual 
component instance (the mechanism for this is somewhat different in Python and 
in C++).  You only need to specify the library/module where this factory comes 
3. Specify dependencies ("dependencies" key).  This is a list of other 
components which this component relies on.  NOX will attempt to load these 

Hope that helps.

-- Murphy

On Dec 16, 2011, at 7:40 AM, Bernd Wittefeld wrote:

> Hi,
> it's me again :)
> I was able to import my python files. They needed to be added to the 
> NOX_RUNTIMEFILES and EXTRA_DIST in my, so that the links from the 
> build directory were established.
> So that problem is solved, but I would love to have some docs about those 
> meta.json files.
> Greetings
> Bernd
> On 16.12.2011 16:03, Bernd Wittefeld wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm am wondering about the syntax and sematic of the meta.json files. I 
>> cannot find anything about it in the wiki and the mailinglists.
>> The problem is a fairly easy one: I have written a python component and 
>> splitted it up in several files, but I cannot import those files. I tried 
>> various permutations of the import statement and nothing worked.
>> Can you give me a hint where I can find valuable information about the NOX 
>> build system? Do I have to add my *.py files (which I only want to use in my 
>> component) to and meta.json?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Bernd
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