Hello everyone,

I want use the methods in the Monitoring component to send flow stats
request from my own component.
I did the following two variations to user the monitoringcomponent

     1.  include monitoring component in the dependency list of my
components meta.json file

         import the monitoring component as:  from
nox.netapps.monitoring.monitoring import Monitoring

        then inside my component :

          def __init_(self, ctxt):
              global inst
              inst.Monitoring = ctxt.resolve(Monitoring)

and then use it like,  inst.Monitoring.send_flow_stats_request(....)

 this gives me Monitoring description not found error.

2. when I tried to use the monitoring component in the command line after
the proper import as follows

         > ./nox_core -i ptcp:6633 monitoring mycomponent

it gives me again the following error.
            inst.Monitoring = ctxt.resolve(Monitoring)
            AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has not attribute 'Monitoring'

please tell me where my mistake is.



Baraki H. Abay
Department of Math and Computer science
North Carolina Central University
Durham, 27707 NC
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