Also, just to double check, the noxmail.exe has yesterday's date on it.

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> Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 8:27 AM
> Subject: [NoXMail] New beta version posted
> I posted a new beta version of No-X-Mail this morning at the following
> address:
> I found a memory leak that was not terribly serious and did not occur on
> message received, but it could lead to system resource/memory reduction
> many thousands of messages. I would therefor recommend that you install
> update as soon as possible. Please check the docs referenced below FIRST
> though.
> There have been a couple of other changes...
> The held message rejection notice features were changed. The SPAMMESSAGE
> and
> ADULTMESSAGE values have changed. There is now a re-done DEFAULT
> (internally
> generated) rejection message setting, a one line text setting and an
> file setting.
> Please see CONFIGURATION.PDF for details on the SPAMMESSAGE and
> values. You will probably need to change your SPAMMESSAGE and
> settings BEFORE installing the NOXMAIL.EXE file because they will act
> differently. If you are using these values to send messages to users when
> messages are held, then change these values to:
> Then see if the default messages are suitable and if they are not, you can
> define your own. The default messages were re-done to make them more user
> friendly.
> I also added the capability to have rejection messages for specified users
> sent to a defined administrator or supervisor (responsible person) instead
> the user. The defined 'responsible person' can decide if they should be
> retrieved and delivered to the user.
> Please the section on "Special Whitelist Processing Commands" in the
> WHITELISTS.PDF file for details on how this is done.
> There were a couple of other minor changes to the scoring methods, and an
> experimental test was added (not yet documented) to check for some
> character set spams.
> You can add a penalty value by adding to your NOXMAIL.NOX file...
> NONENGLISH  2 (or whatever value you want)
> The message is then checked to see if characters are used that are
> used in foreign languages and if there are enough of them, the NONENGLISH
> penalty score you define will be added to the SPAMSCORE.
> I am also experimenting with some different mechanisms for detecting
'spams in
> progress'. I have noticed that most of the spams that get through here
come to
> several accounts within a few minutes. Then 10 or 15 minutes later they
> come to a few more accounts in a different domain. A lot of them appear to
> done using legitimate mail accounts and have very few indicators of spam
> the Declude tests seldom indicate any problems either. A good example of
> are the Nigerian scams. While these do not account for a significant
> percentage of all spam received, it is now sort of a challenge to me. So
> spams are getting through now that when even one comes in, it makes me mad
> and
> I want to figure out how to detect it! Of course, I could just work on a
> 'mind-reader' program ;-)
> -Brian
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