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>Hi Brian,
>I've just installed the software and it looks like it is working pretty good
>and I starting to understand how it works.  Several questions though:
>1.  how do I bring back to the queue a quarantined (held) message?

You can't. Only the user can do that by replying to a rejection notice. We
don't rely on the IMail queue functions at all. Everything is done using an
internal SMTP client. The goal is to isolate the administrator from these
kinds of tasks as much as possible.

Other people use No-X-Mail simply as an external test and let Declude take
care of the holding, warning, etc. If this is more what you are looking to do,
I can get some recommended settings for doing this. Actually, there is another
user here (hey John!) that probably can give you better advice on this than
even I can. He is using it this way.

>2. how do I know whether a notification email has been sent to the

You might want to set LOGDETAIL  DEBUG in the NOXMAIL.NOX file for awhile
until you get a handle on how everything is processed. In the log file, a line
will be recorded showing that the message was placed in the hold directory
specified in MOVEDIR. It will also say what address the rejection message was
sent to. I would also recommend setting SPAMMESSAGE DEFAULT and ADULTMESSAGE
DEFAULT unless you see a need to do something differently.

Hope this helps,


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