I'm going to try to export the issues from Codeplex, and later on
hopefully be able to import them into JIRA. I don't know yet how much of
the data in the issue tracker I'll be able to extract. It is supposed to
come out in Excel-format.

Assuming we can get our hands on everything we want, how much data do we
want to import into JIRA?

1. All issues ~325 issues
2. All open issues ~110 issues
3. All open issues + all issues solved for 1.2.1 ~126 issues (if 1.2.1
will be released at Apache)
4. ?

The docs on Codeplex says:

"You will only have permissions for connecting to the CodePlex Team
Foundation Server if you have been added as a Coordinator or Developer
to one or more CodePlex projects."

So in order for me to access TFS for NPanday at Codeplex I need to be
added as a Developer to the NPanday project at Codeplex. My username
over there is "dennislundberg". Can someone please add me?

Dennis Lundberg

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