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* Support for other Languages for Visual Studio (Spanish,German,
etc... )

I have already done some work on supporting other languages in Visual

That would require NPanday to handle satelite assemblies, though.

Since I'll write an article on NPanday for a German magazine I have to

get it working in a German VS, anyway. But if you have time to work on

it - even better.

BTW, I also started to refactor the Addin module to "command pattern"

for UI-actions.

I cherry-picked my old 1.2-commit and reapplied it to the current
- but without checking if it works.
Maybe you can at least extract the ideas.
Sure, we will try it out but I must say I'm not at all familiar with the german 
language. I'm ok with adding this in for 2.0 since it has been awhile that some 
of our users have requested for other languages to be supported. :)

Well, someone has to map all the needed commands. First thing to do is to extract all english command names to resources.

Or to refactor to a "real" addin, where we can access commands by their ids.... but that would be a quite big refactoring.
You can download a svn-based patch here:

It's based on following git branch:

Hope that helps.


Am 26.10.10 08:25, schrieb Josimpson Ocaba:
Hi Everyone,

Here are some of the originally listed mile stones for 2.0

1) Removal of the UAC (so that NPanday will be more maven-like since
it will have only one repository)
2) Support for VS 2010 and .Net 4.0

3) Refactor .net source code especially Addin module

We have #'s 1&   2 Done and We would like to ask if you think we
should add more for NPanday 2.0

* Removal of the RDF Repository Implementation
* Other Project Types to support
* Support for other Languages for Visual Studio (Spanish,German,
etc... )
We are aiming for more features and a better user experience. Please
feel free to add your inputs

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