It should be possible, as long as you are adding the 
<extensions>true</extensions> flag to your plugin's use. This is all internal 
to Maven - if there is somewhere that NPanday can't pick that up then it might 
possibly need to be adjusted.

What is the exact trace of the problem? Do you have a minimal test project you 
could attach to JIRA?


On 07/01/2011, at 7:52 PM, Henning Gross wrote:

> Hi!
> I need to build a special type of project. Namely wsp files. I have created a 
> lifecycle and an ArtifactHandler for wsp files.
> Npanday will exit giving an error "unrecognized artifact type". I tracked it 
> down in the sources and as far as I see it, artifact types have to be in 
> dotnet-core in class
> This means I have to make my own build of dotnet-core whenever there is a new 
> Npanday-release to get my Artifact Type recognized.
> Artifact Types should get externalized. It should be possible to add artifact 
> types via an extension or plugin configuration.
> Or am I missing something?

Brett Porter

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