Hi Brett, you got it right, i think :-)

If Archiva does the job, ok!

Hudson is defenitely a good choice. It works good with maven. I can help naming the things to be setup for the build. Or would we get access to the build servers ourselves? The easiest would defeniteley be to install Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 on the boxes, though. Maybe they have that already?

- Lars

Am 18.01.11 05:00, schrieb Brett Porter:
Let me understand if I got this right...

For the release we need a repo obviously - and since we are already using 
Archiva, it has specific NPanday support, and I'm willing to do the work - 
we're trying that. If we have any problems we could try the Nexus install 
instead. Lars, and others that preferred Nexus - are you ok with that, or do 
you specifically want to use Nexus on repository.apache.org for some other 

For the CI, we should do that but it's separate from the release. We have a Windows 
box running Continuum now but it's better to use the Apache infrastructure. Since 
there are already Hudson windows slaves and a lot of people liked that option we're 
trying that. We'll probably need them to install the Windows SDK for testing, so 
someone will need to volunteer to help with that. If we get stuck we could 
investigate Continuum, but again we'd need to do the work to set up the agents& 

Is that right? Any objections?

- Brett

On 18/01/2011, at 2:31 PM, Adelita Padilla wrote:

Wrapping things up, we have the ff results:

  * Repository - ARCHIVA


Please refer to the new thread: [NPanday] TO DO List before Release, for a more 
updated status of the upcoming release.


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+1 on Continuum and Archiva

Joe Ocaba

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Am 17.01.11 04:34, schrieb Adelita Padilla:

As of today, we have 3 votes:

* Archiva/Continuum (1 vote)
* Nexus/Hudson (1 vote)
* Archiva/Continumm or others (1 vote)

Any thoughts or more suggestions?


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Hi All,

With the upcoming release, what repository and build server are we
going to use?

I'll go with vmbuild/archiva and vmbuild/continuum.


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On 10/11/2010, at 5:00 PM, Josimpson Ocaba wrote:

Hi Everyone,

You may have encountered problems with accessing repo.npanday.org
We currently use archiva&  continuum on repo.npanday.org

Should we move to vmbuild/archiva or repository.apache.org;
I'm fine with either, though my obviously biased opinion is for
Archiva :) It does have built in NPanday support, but we'd need to
sort out synchronising it to Central.
should we move to vmbuild.apache.org/continuum or hudson or
Again I'm fine with any of these. Even though I set up Continuum,
might be better to use one of the others (at least initially) since
they already have Windows slaves configured. Gav is a mentor here
did a lot of buildbot work.
- Brett

Brett Porter




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