we have now integrated azure and msdeploy in 1.5.0; functionality that 
certainly isn't and probably won't be available on other platforms than 

But still we have surrounding things. dotnet-application, for example, supports 
packaging of runnables (config + exe/dll + deps) in a zip; that is available to 
all platforms.

Now, I want to create an XDT-plugin (XmlDocumentTransform) that enables 
transformation of config-files in the packaging process (usually you wouldn't 
like your local web.config/app.config) to be packaged unchanged. 

XDT is provided by MSBuild, but there is also an alternative implementation 
available, that maybe runs, or at least could be changed to run on mono, too 
(http://code.google.com/p/xdt/). How much extra effort would it be worth to 
choose that implementation instead of Microsofts, in order to support it on 

Alternatively we could also offer XSL-transformations only. Functional, though 
not as comfortable as XDT.

Anybody willing to help making XDT work on Mono?

Then, we also think to implement MSBuild. Again, we have the option to support 
Xbuild as well; does anybody want to support, doing this?

any comments?

Disclaimer: I'm not (yet) using Mono at all. Not on Windows, neither on my Mac.

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