I'll create an issue and attach a patch as soon as I'm home.


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On 13 Nov 2013, at 6:44 pm, wrote:

> Hi Brett,
> Well in my checkout I added two profiles "default" and "minimal" each 
> containing only a "modules" section. Minimal only referencing the 
> compiler-maven-plugin and the default containing the normal 
> "modules"-section. I then disabled the Profile which automatically disables 
> itself as soon as the bootstrap property is set.
> At least this way is buildable using
> mvn clean install -Pminimal
> mvn clean install
> without having to have any Prior Version available in any repo. I would much 
> favour this Approach and it would be much more like other maven plugin 
> Projects are Setup.

Yep, sounds good to me - would you like to contribute that as a patch in JIRA?

- Brett

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