Hi All,

We are planning to release NPanday-1.3-incubating within this month.  

The issues included for this release are as follows:

 NPANDAY-69 NPanday needs to be more synchronized and automated

 NPANDAY-186 Remove the uac and pab directories

 NPANDAY-239 VS Add-in messes up settings.xml

 NPANDAY-288 Support for VS 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0

 NPANDAY-316 Trying to import WPF-project on 64-bit system (VS 2008) throws 

 NPANDAY-326 misc. improvements

 NPANDAY-328 Support for VS2010 WPF Project

 NPANDAY-329 Support for VS2010 WCF Project

 NPANDAY-330 Support for VS2010 MVC Project

 NPANDAY-333 Dependency of type 'gac' is not resolved correctly

 NPANDAY-334 Update Integration Tests in relation with the UAC & PAB removal 

 NPANDAY-335 NPanday on Visual Studio only starts on Debug Mode

 NPANDAY-336 Add Integration Tests for VS 2010 supported projects (WPF, WCF and 

 NPANDAY-337 NPanday unusable under linux

 NPANDAY-339 NPanday.Plugin size 0 in repo

 NPANDAY-341 command execution fails if path with space

 NPANDAY-342 deploy sources artifacts to npanday asset repo

 NPANDAY-343 Can't successfully build projects (VS 2005 and VS 2008) - Build 
Error due to Access is denied

 NPANDAY-347 compile fails on unix if sources in subfolder
 NPANDAY-348 Import Error when importing WPF projects in VS 2010 on a 64-bit 

 NPANDAY-349 NPanday not building resource files correctly

 NPANDAY-350 Output Directory is hardcoded to be under target.

 NPANDAY-351 NPanday does not respect the configured repository in the pom

 NPANDAY-354 Addin 'resync references' feature fails if using remote 
repositories but there is no 'mirrors' section in Settings.xml file

 NPANDAY-357 Add 'deploy option to 'Current NPanday Project' menu options

 NPANDAY-359 Test Failures on ProjectImporter module

 NPANDAY-360 Local Repository not displaying correct artifacts from the local 

If you have anything to add, please feel free to reply on this thread.




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