I believe I've successfully declared a dependency to log4net, as
mentioned in a previous email.  I have a pom entry like so:


And I ran a command like this:

[ddurham@dfwddurham lib]$ mvidn log4net.dll log4net log4net 1.2.11 dll
[ddurham@dfwddurham lib]$ cat ~/bin/mvidn
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=log4net.dll \
                         -DgroupId=log4net \
                         -DartifactId=log4net \
                         -Dversion=1.2.11 \

This caused a maven error about the missing log4net dependency to go
away.  I am not facing an error about missing "System" dependencies.
For instance:

    The type or namespace name `IHttpHandler' does not exist in the
namespace `System.Web'. Are you missing an assembly reference?

I have added the System.Web reference to my project, which did not
resolve the issue.  Do I need to declare a <scope>system</scope>
dependency for System.Web to my pom file?  I have search docs and the
web trying to find an example of this and haven't found anything.
Leads me to believe that the issue is something else.  Any ideas?


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