Also: There is no "living" equivalent to ueber-jar in .NET. Modules were
made for that, but they never actually got there - they are never linked to
and deployed separately.

People are using ILmerge for combining assemblies. But it also has
drawbacks. When a references b, and b is merged to c, there is no way you
can link a to b_in_c without recompiling... 

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Von: Eric Kolotyluk [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 10. April 2014 18:06
Betreff: Re: Building an executable from modules

OK, after several days of intense, and I mean very intense, frustration,
here is what I have concluded:

Because I know how to easily create an uber-jar assembly in Java, I falsely
concluded there was an equivalent way to do the same in .Net.

It is also compelling to want .Net software builds with NPanday to be
similar to Java software builds in Maven, but the reality is that there will
always be some serious differences in these processes. Still, my hope that
NPanday/Maven can increasingly reduce these differences in many areas, and I
look forward to a day where NPanday graduates from incubating to be fully
supported with the rest of Maven.

Cheers, Eric

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