Hello again,
I use org.apache.npanday.plugins:maven-compile-plugin:1.4.0-incubating
and org.apache.npanday.plugins:maven-resgen-plugin:1.5.0-internal (I
released locally the version 1.5.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT) for my multi-module

If I run "mvn clean install" it goes to success, but when I try to release
with "mvn -Dresume=false -DautoVersionSubmodules=true
-DpreparationGoals="clean install" release:clean release:prepare
release:perform" it fails at module B because it can't get the dependency
module A. The compile plugin doesn't resolve Maven variables and it tries
to download com.example:A:dll:${project.version}

Inside pom.xml from module B

Why at install phase the NPanday compile plugin finds A dependency, but at
release time it don't?


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