We all agree that the 312.01 price is expensive. That is the Holiday  
and Small venue price. I am sure that when he plays a large venue  
like the Garden or other, the price will not be that much more than  
the going rate for any concert there. Vegas is for high rollers and  
Anyway, all you people who are complaining about the price, I hope  
that  we wont see your picture in any of the pics from the event :-)

Michael B

On May 8, 2006, at 5:27 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Venue or no venue being the reason the ticket price is so "high",  
> if u guys
> take the bite of paying $312.01 to go to this show, he will know  
> that the
> demand  is there and I can say without a doubt that $312.01 will be  
> price
> for the
> best  seats or GA area for his future concerts.
> If u truly "care" 4 the fans, then u wouldn't be doing the gig in  
> the 1st
> place at this venue if u need 2 charge that much to turn a profit.   
> It's
> gonna
> make news but in the end, will it be remembered?
> Madge and U2 have 2 charge that much cuz they have nothing else. P  
> on the
> other hand has so much more 2 offer.  Music and buisness don't  
> mix.   Tell
> me
> where the brother went who said that?  Cuz that guy had  heart.  A  
> purple
> heart
> is worth more than any green $$$ in the  world.
> j7
> (Derek, close your mouth.  Yes, I just said  that.)
> <Moderator: Wow! I am going back to bed cause I think I am dreamin'!
> -Derek>

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