Exactly @ the 5 ppl in front of the stage!  That was RANDOM and a distraction.

And Michael, I feel the criticism is warranted because the clip from
Saturday Night Live is FAR superior than the video shot for Fury, and
it is PROOF POSITIVE that Prince *can* pull off an energetic, vivid,
compelling performance video.  So it is not about him being an old
man, or him harkening back to old days since the SNL performance was
in February!  It is about quality for me, and the video that NPGMC
showed of Fury looked like it was not even done in broadcast quality,
the camera shots were jagged, and as Andrew points out, there were the
shadows of those random people!

On 5/19/06, Andrew Stanger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hey at least it isn't the "Come On" video. Te amo and black sweat were
good videos. Fury is a little lame. I think the one, greatest romance,
musicology and cinamon girl were good videos from ones he's done lately. I
really liked cinnamon girl. Is the studio he's been using lately at 3121
in la? Also, in fury, I hate the 5 or so people that are in front of the
stage. Either have no one, or a bunch of extras. Not 5.


<Moderator: LOL I never noticed that. I guess I should actually pay
attention to video a bit more  -Derek>

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Subject: Re: NPNY: 3121 Sales For The Week of 5.15.06

Boy if I were Prince I would never make a video again... you guys are
tough. Will you ever be happy again?
If you want the excitement of old... look back to your DVD's and VHS
recordings. Prince is not a young man anymore. Still funky, but he
cant be expected to dance around on stage and in videos anymore.

Michael B :-P

<Moderator: Nobody says he has to dance aroumd, but it would be nice to
have a nice video that isn't him in then band on a sound stage. It's been
doen over and over and over again :-P  -Derek>

On May 18, 2006, at 2:33 PM, Oliver, Damon wrote:

I've seen the one from MTV Germany. Concert footage interspersed
with a
nonsensical back story that vaguely interprets the lyrics.    BORING.

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From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:owner-
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Subject: RE: NPNY: 3121 Sales For The Week of 5.15.06

Oh Lawd, I know this is gonna get flack.  (Putting on vest now)

If Prince announces the official concert season after the Vegas
deal is
over, then the charts will go back up
Again.  But.... If the prices don't come down then that may be a major

I'll give it about a month.

Plus Musicology season started in Feb/March last time (2004).  He's a
little late with this one. And this isn't
Really a concert...

BTW:  Did anyone actually see the Fury Video?  I know someone said it
was released by accident overseas.


Robin aka Cherrymoon

<Moderator: No flack it's honest opinion. The idea is to
communicate via

speculation. Your guess is as good as mine.

There are 2 versions of the video that is on the internet. The one was
released on MTV Germany was posted on Housequake.com before it was

down. The other is featured on npgmusicclub.com when you first long on
site.  -Derek>

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Subject: Re: NPNY: 3121 Sales For The Week of 5.15.06

yeah i say without any other promotion, 10 weeks.

The video for Fury looks botched so I don't think that's going to
it much.  But maybe the GMA appearance will do something so I'll say 4
to 6 weeks with the GMA thing.

<Moderator: GMA is going to be an interesting variable. Too little too
late for me. A I feel would be the only thing that would give this a

On 5/17/06, Lockhart, Daryle [GSM] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I'm in for 2 weeks for gold.

We should do a pool for when it reaches that  imaginary 1.2 million

<Moderator: 2 weeks?! At the rate it's going? I am thinking about 10

1.2 million domestically or internationally?  Domestically? Probably

Maybe around the same time as New Power Soul does LMAO!  -Derek>

On May 17, 2006, at 6:32 PM, Derek wrote:

While it's chart position still continue to slip 3121 did actually
sold 7%
better then the previous week. This week 3121 charted 93 [which is
down 13
from last week] on the Billboard Top 200. It sold 13,081 which is a
820 more then it did last week...

I was thinking we should start a 3121 Gold Record pool. As of 5.15.06
sold 402,532 units domestically. It needs 500,000 to be considered a
record in the USA. The pool would be to guess how many weeks it takes
sell 500,000 units

Anyone interested?

...Oh if anyone cares 3121 now at 22 on the R&B charts. Last week it
was 20.

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