It mustve just been as of Sunday , because I signed up someone to join
this past Saturday.

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Subject: NPNY: NPGMC is not accepting new members

Apparently if you try to purchase a membership, this page comes up:

A graphic that states, "The NPGMC is currently not accepting any new

Not sure how long it's been there but it has to be a recent change,
since I read of people buying memberships as recently as June 16.

Any speculations on what it can mean?

- Upgrading the database?
- Changing the terms of membership?
- In preparation for a tour, they've capped the number of members to
allow for presale opportunities for all existing members? (yeah I know
that's a long shot)
- The end of the site?

As I have become fond of saying... my answer:

"Only the woman knows... only she knows."  :)

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