ok, now THAT was funny
> What chu talkin' 'bout Willis?
> --- Kelly Salaam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Is there a deeper, more creative video planned
than could happen, much to my
>> gasp,
>>    ya know, fear and astonishment if yaw''ll do
some sort of scary Urban
>> sitting down knee thing for the Beautiful, Loved
and Blessed? Prince , I LOVE
>> You, but will you please let Puffy play the
beautiful one? and you the
>> villain.  Storyboards are important.
>> <Moderator: Wow I am speechless... I have never in
my life read anything
>> so incoherent in my life. Are you a related to
George Bush?  -Derek>
>>    Click here: Inside Prince's Secret Late Night
Concert - TMZ.com
>> Some idea of what went on last night. Just found
this by accident.
>> Susanna

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