So, do U like environmental records?
Crickets chirpin', water rushin'
Supposed 2 make U horny
It just make me wanna go 2 the bathroom
Actually this one's not bad, check it out
So like, what's your name?
Oh wow, that's dog! 

Derek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  I am not a lawyer, but reading lawsuit

The company that is trying to get the Sole Trademark for NPG Music Club
may not win. There argument is flawed. They argue that they own the
trademark for Nature since 1978, and Paisley Park didn't start the NPG
Music Club till 2003, but there publishing company "Nature
Publishing Group" didn't start doing business till 1999. Paisley Park owns
trademarks to NPG and New Power Generation since as early as 1991 and have
been in business a lot longer under NPG Records.

But then again I ain't a lawyer, I decided I liked fixing computers more 
so what do I know?!?! LOL -Derek>

NeW NeW PoWeR NeW YoRk

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