Actually if Derek has skype or something like that, you could just
call him and give your review/recap from out there on a cellphone  on
your  way back to the hotel  or something. He could record it and
edit it all later.


<Moderator: Actually that is the plan, but I factored in Time 
Zone difference and when Prince when Prince will actually decide to peform 
and it all equaled a bad idea :-D  -Derek>

On Nov 3, 2006, at 10:34 AM, Andrew Stanger wrote:

Not nosey at all...I bought the tickets during the presale so just have
the normal tickets and made reservations at the restaurant to check it

I hope prince doesn't start too late - need to work from about 6am - 6pm
each day.

Regarding the podcast....of course I want to do it. I'll actually have
to go back to my old school days and bring paper and a pad to write the
set list.


<Moderator: Cool! We will talk about it. Before you  leave  -Derek>

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