I just heard it.... He played Watchtower which goes into The Foo Fighters
song. Sounded good. Then Howard said they were supposed to speculate as to
whether Prince would play that at the superbowl and they said they don't 
BUT, Howard did say that no matter what Prince plays he always get the chills
and that this weekend he was watching the tape of when Prince played that solo
at the Rock N Roll hall of fame (the beatles song at the end of the show) and
how beautiful and unbelievable it was and that Prince is totally underrated as
a musician and what a great guitar player he was.
That was it....


<Moderator: Yeah, Howard is very complimentary when it comes to Prince. He
goofs on him like anyone else, but he has a real respect for his musically
talent. I think he would roll out the red carpert for Prince if he ever
did the show. I tried to record it but for some reason I could save the
file as an mp3 this morning. I am going to try again for the afternoon
replay this time as a wave. Unfortunately it might come out a little low
:-\  -Derek>

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