Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman lol
Maybe the cologne is androgynous.

<Moderator: I think its Unisex your thinking of. The bottle doesn't look 
like anything a man would buy. Come to think of Get Wild didn't either LOL 

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I think it has a male cologne smell to it. I have it on right now and
I would rather smell it on a man.
On Jul 13, 2007, at 11:19 AM, april snow wrote:

> Noone has mentioned anything bout the perfume since it came out.  My
> friend took delivery of my order today.  I made her open it and
> smell it.
> She says it smells like an old lady!  Any comments from others who
> made
> the purchase?  I'm curious, especially since noone has said
> anything about
> it.  Maybe it does smell like an old lady?  I guess I'll have to
> wait til
> I get home tonight and find out.
> <Moderator: LMAO! "Old Lady"!! That is brilliant! So does that it
> means
> its a mix of Oil Of Olay and Ben Gay? :-D -Derek>

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